Our mission is simple: to provide professional-quality profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier at musician-friendly prices. We take great pride in our company and in the profiles we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure purchasing environment.

What does the Kemper profiling amp do anyway?

The Kemper Profiling Amp is an amazing tool for today's musicians who want the magical tone of tube guitar amplifiers without all the trouble and expense of owning them. Each amplifier is stored in the Kemper in the form of a "Profile". The Kemper can store well over 1000 amplifier profiles in its memory, with each profile providing an amazingly accurate reproduction of the original amp's tone and feel.

For more information go to: www.kemper-amps.com.

What will I receive with my amplifier Profiles purchase?

Your purchase is a .zip file which contains a group of profiles for the amp. Included in the .zip file is a file named README_FIRST which contains instructions on how to install the profiles in your Kemper.

I didn't receive my profiles. Where are they?

If this happens to you -- we apologize! Immediately after purchase, an email with a download link is sent to the email address associated with your account (if you paid with Paypal, this is the email on your Paypal account). Sometimes these emails get routed to spam, trash, or junk folders. Othertimes, they may be rejected altogether by email providers. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this.

If you don't receive your profile download link within a couple minutes after purchase, please contact us via the contact link above and we'll send you the files manually. Please include your invoice number. Manually sent profiles never seem to get sent to spam or blocked.

When I play my guitar through one of the profiles used in your demo, it doesn't sound quite the same. Why is that?

The Kemper behaves just like a traditional guitar amplifier. Thus, everything around the Kemper affects the tone. The biggest difference is going to come from the sound of your guitar compared to the guitar used for the demo. If you are using a Power Head, the speaker cabinet used will also have a huge effect.

When I play my guitar through one of the merged profiles and into my guitar cab, it doesn't sound like the demo. Why is that?

With a merged profile, you are using the raw amp tone, captured with a DI box. Our cabinets, speakers, mics, and mic'ing techniques are removed from the equation. You must provide a guitar, cabinet and speakers which bring out the best sound from the direct amp tone, and the right mic and mic techniques if you are mic'ing up the amp. With studio profiles, we take care of this for you.

How do I transfer Profiles into my Kemper Profiling Amp?

Instructions for installation are included in the README_FIRST file in the downloaded .zip file.

I live outside of the USA. How can I purchase profiles?

Paypal! We unfortunately cannot accept credit cards from customers outside the USA. However, Paypal works internationally.

Can I use the Kemper Profiling Amp for live performance?

Yes! That is precisely why I bought my Kemper. I was tired of dragging around a Marshall head, a spare Marshall head, a Fender head, a stereo 4x12 cab, a VARIAC, etc., to every gig. Now I have all my amps stored as profiles in my Kemper, and I just bring it to the gig and leave all the amps at home. I run the Kemper direct into the PA and skip mic'ing altogether.

For monitoring, my band uses ear monitors. If we don't have our ear monitors available, I'll bring a 4x12 and a power amp and crank it up like old times. When doing this, be sure to turn off the speaker emulation in the Kemper monitor output, or use a merged profile.

Have you worked with Kemper to release a profile pack?

Yes! Kemper released the Top Jimi Rig Pack in November, 2015. You can download it for free here.

Do you have Merged profiles?

Yes! Most of our profile packs include merged profiles.